Why Choose Us?

Carolina Health Innovations offers a complete source for your natural well-being. Dr. Meisten’s philosophy of patient care is rooted in a comprehensive approach to the management and reduction of musculoskeletal pain and a cause related pro-active approach to wellness. By combining Chiropractic treatment , Therapeutic Massage, Acupuncture, designed Exercise, and Nutritional Counseling, an individual has the best opportunity to reach and maintain optimum health.

To facilitate our philosophy, we’ve put together all the integral parts under one roof in order to provide our patients with the necessary tools they need to heal and learn:

Meet Our Specialist

Our team is comprised of skilled professionals with a specific focus on providing top quality services to each client. Our goal is to provide each guest with a satisfactory experience.


Chiropractic health is defined as a therapeutic system based upon the premise that pain and disease are caused by interference with nerve function, the method being to restore normal condition by adjusting the segments of the spinal column. Dr. Kenneth Meisten offers you, the patient, his knowledge and experience of disc rehabilitation, postural correction and spinal stabilization programs providing you innovative solutions to help facilitate the healing balance within your body.


Our Massage Therapists are licensed experts involving the manipulation of soft tissues within the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasms and stress. Research has proven massage as an effective tool for maintaining your health.

Exercise & Fitness

Maximizing health requires your commitment to incorporating exercise as a lifestyle. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Dr. Ken and our staff will work diligently from your first visit to establish the correct exercise treatment plan for you. In addition we offer plans for corporate wellness programs as mandated for larger employers.

Nutritional Counseling

Carolina Health Innovations recognizes that many musculoskeletal issues can be related to the lack of proper nutrients. For those who choose, we incorporate scientific peer-reviewed supplements unique to the patients’ treatment plan. Rather than reacting to symptoms, let’s understand the cause and respond with knowledge.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of treatment and has been proven to offer medical benefits as well as reducing pain and dysfunction.