Foot and Ankle Pain Relief in Greenville, SC

Foot and ankle adjustments are key to help with foot posture and balance. Research on hockey players’ sprained ankles concluded that after manipulating and mobilizing the foot and ankle, there was an improvement of the weight distribution for the person. Other studies have found that adjusting ankles that have chronic sprains and strains will give the client’s ankle more range of motion, less pain, and better ankle function. 


Improving the function of the foot and ankle is also very important for lower back pain management. If the way you walk is off, it will upset the symmetry of the body and cause more pressure to the lower back. 

Benefits of foot and ankle adjustment include: 

  • Better balance 
  • Improvements to pain levels in the foot, ankle, and lower back 
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • More stability in joints 
  • Quicker progress after a recent injury

Chiropractic Care for Sprained ankles 

While most people fully recover from a sprained ankle, if it is not treated properly it can lead to impaired mobility and arthritis in years to come. Individuals who are more active in their daily routines are more at risk for spraining their ankles, but it can happen to anyone! Most commonly, the injury happens when the person missteps onto the side of their foot rather than the bottom- which pushes the ligaments beyond their normal range of motion causing the ligaments to tear. 

Chiropractic adjustment is a safe, non-invasive, and highly effective method of treatment for ankle injuries. Sometimes after an injury the joints become restricted and once the restriction is adjusted a person can feel immediate improvement in pain and walking ability. 

After the initial inflammation following an injury begins to subside, chiropractic adjustments can be introduced to mobilize, strengthen, and stabilize the foot and ankle as well as restore full flexibility to the joining. Adjustments also promote increased blood flow which, in turn, speeds up the healing process. 

Your chiropractor will chart your symptoms in order to make recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes as well as formulate a treatment plan incorporating different chiropractic therapies. 

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