Herniated Disc Treatment in Greenville, SC

Herniated and bulging discs are common causes of pain and discomfort in the back that cause people to enlist the help of a chiropractor.  

Discs are located in between the spinal vertebrae and kept in position but structures linking the spinal bone fragments and muscles. The discs serve as a shock-absorbing cushion in between each of the spinal vertebrae that help the backbone bend or twist.

While there is little room for a disc to slip, a bulging or herniated disc can happen when the fluid drives out through a break in the surface. This irritates the surrounding nerves and results in pain, discomfort, or weak points in the arms or legs. Symptoms are dependent on the location of the herniated disc. Some people suffering from this condition may not know that anything is wrong until the bulging disc puts pressure on a nerve in the spine and starts causing discomfort. Many people never actually encounter symptoms from a herniated disc at all! 


In short, a herniated or bulging disc is an illness where a disc protrudes outside of its regular position in the backbone. 


Symptoms of a Herniated disc 

While a herniated disc may not cause discomfort, it is best to get treated before symptoms arise. The pain begins to happen when pressure is put on the nerve roots of the spine. Symptoms are dependent on the location of the disc and will happen on the area of the body impacted by the nerves. 


Common symptoms of a herniated disc include: 


  • Muscle Weakness- Muscles with the impacted nerve tend to weaken. This may impair your ability to lift or hold items. 

  • Arm or Leg Pain- If the herniated disc is in your upper back, you will likely feel pain in your arms. If it is in your neck, you will likely feel neck or shoulder pain. If the disc is bulging in your lower back, your discomfort may be felt in your buttock or upper leg.

  • Numbness or Prickling- The impacted nerve may cause a feeling of tingling or numbness in an area relative to the bulging disc. 


A herniated disc can usually be caused by the natural aging of the body. As people age, these discs lose elasticity and water content which makes them stiffer and more vulnerable to injury or damage. Stress on the disc’s central core can put a lot of pressure on them during activities such as:


  • Repetitive activities 

  • Smoking or Drinking 

  • Physical Stress such as a fall or car accident

  • Sports activities 

  • Improper raising techniques 


Chiropractic Care for Herniated Discs 

Luckily, in most cases, herniated discs are easy to treat with conservative interventions. A chiropractor will likely set a treatment goal to control the discomfort after assessing and charting the symptoms. Ice and heat have both been shown as effective ways of managing discomfort. Your chiropractor will help you decide which is the best option for you.


While you may be afraid to move, getting you back on your feet and moving as quickly and safely as possible is critical. Generally, long-term results will be worse if you “baby” the back. A chiropractor will give you a spinal adjustment to help move the herniated discs back into place.


Your chiropractor will talk about all available therapies with you to help you decide on the best-individualized treatment plan for you.

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