Neck Pain Relief in Greenville, SC

Neck pain can be severe in a lot of cases. The cause of the pain can come from many different various sources. This means diagnosing the cause of the pain can be more difficult. Tight muscles, a pinched nerve, or vertebral subluxations (where vertebra move out of alignment). 


Most of the time neck pain does not require surgery or medication. However, if left untreated these problems can become chronic conditions which are likely to leave drugs and surgeries as the only option. If you are looking for a non-surgical option to treat neck pain, chiropractic care is your best option. 

Chiropractic Treatment can Help: 

  • Whiplash 
  • Degenerative Joint Issues
  • Mis-aligned Vertebrae
  • Injuries Involving Cervical Sprains 
  • Disc Injuries 

A physical exam will need to be completed before any treatment or programs are assigned to you. You will need to give your medical history. This will give our chiropractor the information needed to design a personalized treatment program for you. 

During the exam, your entire spine will be examined as your neck pain could be stemming from a different location. Diet and stress can also contribute to the pain. The chiropractor will also examine your posture and range of motion. Your alignment and curvature of the spine will be documented and your muscle strength and reflexes will be tested. This compilation of information will give the chiropractor much of the information needed to develop a treatment plan to resolve your pain. 

Although neck pain can be caused from injuries, there are other factors associated with neck pain. These include daily activities and jobs with repetitive motions. Sitting for long periods as well as aging and normal deterioration of the neck and spine area are common contributing factors. 

Because neck pain has so many variables, our doctor will try to pinpoint the cause. Some common questions will include: 

  • When did the pain begin?
  • Does the pain radiate to other areas?
  • How are you treating the pain? 
  • Does doing certain things make the pain better or worse?
  • Rate the severity of the pain. 

All of your answers will be charted to assist with the treatment plan. The chiropractic care program may include adjustments of the spine, some massage therapy, physical therapy, and exercises.

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